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Countertop Options for Outdoors Kitchens

California living means outdoor living. Thanks to our state’s amazing climate, outdoor living spaces are one of the most sought-after additions to a residence and beautiful functional outdoor kitchens are a key component of these al fresco remodels. When designing a kitchen that will be exposed to the elements, it is important to consider the […]

13 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Winter is finally coming to a close. With warmer days ahead, spring is an ideal time to give your home some much-needed TLC after months of cold, wet weather. One of the best things a homeowner can do is to do a visual inspection both inside and outside their home. Look for mold or mildew […]

How Harrell Protects Your Home

At Harrell Remodeling, our slogan is one we take to heart: We never forget it’s your home. Harrell Site Manager, Mario Rivera, takes these six words very seriously each time he begins a new project. “The very first thing we do is to make sure that our client’s home is properly protected. I try to talk […]

Waterproofing Your Residence: Think Like A Raindrop

Water is one of the most insidious sources of damage to a home. It has a way of sneaking and seeping into the smallest of places, often without the homeowner being aware until the damage it has caused is readily apparent. According to Harrell Remodeling’s CEO, Ciro Giamonna, there are three primary causes of water […]

How to Incorporate Color in Your Home

Color infuses a space with character. There are numerous ways in which homeowners can introduce color throughout their residences. For some, there is no such thing as too much color while others shy away from adventurous hues. “Whether you are bold or color-timid, you can incorporate color to fit your personality, adding warmth and distinctiveness […]

Giving Back to the Arts with TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

Community is a cornerstone at Harrell Remodeling. Every Employee Owner within the company is encouraged to engage with local organizations about which they are passionate. Be it education, youth, animals, literacy, or one of many other worthwhile causes, these outreach opportunities allow the company and its Employee Owners to give back on a deeply personal […]

Color Trends for 2019

The colors we choose for our home speak volumes about our personality and style. When it comes to color, some homeowners are more adventurous while others lean toward hues that are mild and understated yet still convey individuality. Color has a direct impact on our emotions. Some homeowners desire an overall neutral palette that creates […]

Clever Storage for Corners in Kitchens

When redesigning a kitchen layout, Harrell designers frequently need to be creative to maximize storage in corners. Older kitchens often left these corners very difficult to access, but there are now more creative solutions. There are generally two types of corner storage, Lazy Susans and another option referred to as a “Blind Corner”. According to […]